What Can Home Service Professionals Do For Your Plumbing Business?


If you have started a small plumbing business, you're eager to get into homes and fix plumbing problems.Because you're out on jobs all day, it can be hard to do the bookkeeping, planning, and other administrative duties that keep all small businesses afloat.Instead of staying up all night to balance the books and get other administrative tasks done, you might need some help. Home service professionalsoffer all kinds of support for small businesses, but what can they do for your plumbing business?

19 May 2021

Appealing Reasons To Use Quickbooks Services For Your Book Work


The accuracy of your business's books is important to your business's daily function and ability to turn a profit. You must know what kind of revenue moves in and out your company each day. You also need to keep track of details, like what invoices remain outstanding and how much you spend on inventory or payroll. However, you may not have the time to keep your books manually. Instead of risking them falling behind or being inaccurate, you can use a resource that offers Quickbooks services to maintain them.

23 February 2021

How To Become Your Financial Consultant's Favorite Client


Financial consulting services can make a major difference for a business. If you're paying a financial consulting professional to assist you, you probably want to get as much value for your dollar as possible. It also wouldn't hurt if the consultant liked you. Here are 5 things clients can do to become their financial consultant's favorites. Maintain Good Records Keep track of the basic financial components of your organization. If the consultant needs to know what your receivables looked like the last two quarters, for example, try to have that data available when you meet.

27 November 2020

Don't Stress Your Income Taxes With These Suggestions


No one likes paying taxes but it's the act of actually having to prepare your income tax return that can especially get under someone's skin. If you are dreading having to prepare your next return, don't sweat it. It's possible to file your tax return without stressing yourself out or getting lost in a sea of complicated numbers. Here are some tips to keep in mind that might help you when your next tax filing comes around.

14 September 2020

How To Deduct Vehicle Expenses As A Working Artist


As an artist, you have many business expenses that can help during tax time. Mileage and car expenses are often one of the most confusing categories for most taxpayers. What do you need to know about deducting these expenses? Here are three key points to remember. 1. Commuting Doesn't Count One of the most misunderstood elements of business travel is commuting expenses. If you have a studio where you do regular work on a daily basis, you generally cannot deduct the mileage between your home and the studio.

14 January 2020

3 Ways A Certified Public Accountant Can Help Your Business Expand Using A Commercial Loan


For businesses, the decision about whether or not to take out a commercial loan can be a complicated one. It increases the debt that your business holds, but there's also an opportunity cost associated with not expanding—if a commercial loan allows your business to bring in significantly more revenue, you'd miss out by not taking it. The process of applying for commercial loans can be complicated as well. There's a substantial amount of financial paperwork involved, as lenders want to make sure that your business can eventually pay back the loan.

17 October 2019

Tips For Better Managing Your Small Business Bookkeeping


As a small business owner, understanding how to prioritize your bookkeeping is important. It can be difficult to do, especially when bookkeeping is not your strong suit. One of the best ways to keep up with the bookkeeping for your small business is to make the financial management steps a part of your normal routine. Here are some tips to help you organize your business's bookkeeping and gain better control over your company's books as well as your own time.

28 August 2019

What Is Basis? And How Can It Lower Your Business Tax Bill?


As a business owner or sole proprietor, there are a number of new concepts that you need to learn about. One of these is the term "basis". What is basis, and how can it help you with your taxes? Here are a few answers. What is Basis? Basis is simply the cost you pay for an asset minus the depreciation taken over its useful life. To find the basis in an asset, you start with what is known as the "

30 May 2019

Small Business Accounting: 3 Common Errors And How You Can Avoid Them


It is no easy feat to run a small business, especially when you are just starting out. As a new entrepreneur, accounting-related tasks are some of the most complicated tasks that you will encounter, particularly when you consider the simple fact that mistakes will cost you a lot of time and money. Below you will learn about three of the most common errors that are made related to small business accounting and how you can avoid them.

6 January 2019

5 Things You Need to Understand about Pension Plans


Some employers, instead of offering a 401(k) or 403(b), offer their employee pension plans. Pension plans are often offered through the state government, jobs that are supported by unions, and jobs through larger companies, although companies of all sizes can offer pension plans. If your employer offers a pension plan, you need to understand how it works and how it fits into your overall retirement plan. #1. You Make Direct Contributions

1 November 2018