Honesty In Accounting

I still remember the first time I filed taxes for my business. In addition to having no idea what a write-off really was, I also didn't worry too much about guessing on the numbers. A few government audits later, I discovered what it really meant to do things the right way. Over the years, I have met lots of business owners that weren't too worried about fudging the numbers, and nearly all of them have run into problems. Proper accounting is important, which is why I created this website dedicated to business accounting. I know that if you learn the right way to do things and focus on integrity, your business can avoid a world of problems.

What Can Home Service Professionals Do For Your Plumbing Business?


If you have started a small plumbing business, you're eager to get into homes and fix plumbing problems. Because you're out on jobs all day, it can be hard to do the bookkeeping, planning, and other administrative duties that keep all small businesses afloat. Instead of staying up all night to balance the books and get other administrative tasks done, you might need some help. Home service professionals offer all kinds of support for small businesses, but what can they do for your plumbing business?


Because you're working on plumbing issues throughout the day, you might find it a challenge to schedule new customers as their calls come in. You might be in the middle of a job and send calls to voicemail until you have a free moment, but that could mean you might not be able to schedule everyone. 

A home service professional whose job it is to answer phones and schedule customers could be a simple solution to that problem. You can check in with your scheduler about new business and cancellations throughout the day instead of having to deal with multiple people and multiple calls.

Bookkeeping Activities

The daily bookkeeping activities of a plumbing business could also be a challenge at times. When you're finished with a plumbing repair, you might expect a check from a customer, or you might hand them a bill and give them some time to pay. Your job becomes more difficult when you have to remind customers to pay, send out invoices, and issue receipts. You also need to remember to track your own receipts for supplies, fuel, equipment, and other items. 

Having a bookkeeper to help you can allow you to record and track all financial transactions related to your plumbing business. With a home service professional working on the books, you can offer better customer service and keep better track of your money.

Accounting Activities

If you already have someone watching your books, you may not realize how essential an accountant is. If you want to grow your business beyond a one-man operation, you'll need the insight of a home service professional like an accountant. An accountant can spot trends in your expenditures so you can save money on supplies, for instance. You can use that extra money for marketing or other activities. 

An accountant can also help you with self-employment and business taxes. If you're new to business, that can be vital as you likely have to file and pay quarterly tax.

Selecting a home service professional for your home business can allow your administrative and accounting activities done so you can focus on your expertise. Work with these professionals to build your business, now and in the future.


19 May 2021