Honesty In Accounting

I still remember the first time I filed taxes for my business. In addition to having no idea what a write-off really was, I also didn't worry too much about guessing on the numbers. A few government audits later, I discovered what it really meant to do things the right way. Over the years, I have met lots of business owners that weren't too worried about fudging the numbers, and nearly all of them have run into problems. Proper accounting is important, which is why I created this website dedicated to business accounting. I know that if you learn the right way to do things and focus on integrity, your business can avoid a world of problems.

Why You Should Hire An Accountant


If you've done taxes for yourself or your business, then you know just how incredibly complicated and frustrating the process can be. Thankfully, there are professionals who can help streamline any of your financial needs, for a fee. Here is an introduction to the world of certified public accountants and an argument for why you should hire one:

What is a certified public accountant?

A certified public accountant is any accountant who meets specific qualifications, including the passing of a standardized exam known as the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, This means that you can trust a CPA to be a competent accountant.

A CPA is qualified to provide services related to a large number of financial areas, such as taxes, estate planning, corporate finance, or even complex financial analysis.

How can I use a certified public accountant?

Firstly, a CPA can be of great service if you have difficulty getting your taxes in order. Hiring a CPA can be a lot easier than purchasing tax software, since a CPA will be able to walk you through every step of the process. whereas tax software can often leave you scratching your head in bewilderment. CPAs will also be able to find every possible deduction for you, while you might miss those opportunities to save money if filling out your taxes yourself.

Secondly, you might want to hire a CPA if you want to do financial planning on behalf of a business (or even for you and your family). Being able to establish strict timetables and budgets can help you out financially, but you can generally do that on your own. The real benefits of a CPA shine when providing analysis on poor fiscal habits and predicting future trends, which can lead to massive savings for yourself or your business.

Finally, a CPA can be critical if you want to plan out your estate. No one wants to think about the end of their life, but creating formal documentation regarding how one's estate should be divided after death is crucial. After all, you don't want your family members to fight over your property after death. To help in this, a CPA like Amos Maney & Payne CPA's LLC can help you draft a formal document that explains precisely how your estate should be divided. They will help you figure out what the most responsible course of action is, and the best way to divide up your property in order to benefit your family.


1 April 2015